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Hey, here’s eatsome

Blend good food, friends, and family and the mélange created gives way to fiesta and small bits of crackling happiness. Eatsome has been conceived to keep this flavour of life alive.

We’ve kept the affair pretty simple - Delicious Fast Food, Sterling Quality, Quick & Reliable Network, Delightful Prices.

Our intention and aspiration remains to cook up delicacies that you’ll fall in love with and would yearn to come back to us time and again. What’s on our platter? Loads and loads of Indian flavour. So you can dig into the chicken fillet, finest red meats, prawns, fish or fresh vegetables. We hand-pick the freshest of ingredients and the most aromatic spices. That’s the secret of our drooling flavours. But every person is different from the other, so we thought of giving you the freedom to whip up your own platter at times too, you can actually have made-to-order healthy wraps. And then of course we have soft, luscious kebabs, succulent biriyanis, buttered rice-combos and our add-ons that read cheese, mayonnaise and lacha paratha. We aspire to provide Pune with the best wraps possible which they can order online too. Ah! Your mouth has started watering, hasn't it? Eatsome offers option with signature wraps, rice treats, masala curries and special combos as our main categories. And don’t worry about the quantity. We assure you - it’s as wholesome as it is flavoursome.

Eatsome came into existence in 2012, and is a division of S B Enterprises. Currently, we have 15 stores across Pune. We want to be as close as possible to our patrons!

For the love of food

Food. Flavour. Price - We seek to always meet these three standards, we are constantly aiming to raise the bar and make Eatsome the first choice for people seeking good, fresh, flavoursome food.

Hungry for more

Our mission stands to offer quality food at reasonable prices, while also being effective in our service. Our goal is to be the best fast-food joint of Pune. We commit to always utilize the best and freshest of ingredients, make available signature dishes and create friendly dining experiences.

our philosophy

We do not intend to remain simply a food joint. We intend to be Pune’s best fast food joint that excels in home delivery as much as it does on on-line ordering. Eatsome aspires to evolve into a name that customers resound with fondness and love and eventually become synonymous to fresh and scrumptious flavours. We strive to be the must-choice for every simple family dinner to an extravagant party.

Our Co-Founders

Eatsome is lead by two foodies, who are extremely passionate about taste and service. The journey begins with being polite and friendly to customers, be patient and listen to their varied demands and learning from their mistakes. The founders are driven by the fire to serve only the best flavours and aromas in each dish, everytime, to every guest.
All they desire is that customers should remember Eatsome as the place that serves the freshest of dishes with great flavours, amazing service and convenient menu.

In the News

Eatsome, which sells more than 7,000 wraps across 16 stores in Pune, is now the city’s favorite wraps joint

When Biswanath Chakraborty, a true Bengali from Kolkata, came to Pune, he missed the famous rolls available back home. In Pune, he met Siddharth Joshi, another food lover, who had come from Goa to try his luck in the food business.

“During those days we hung out as friends not really envisioning our dream, but only gorging on good food and then talking of doing something around it. Meeting up with friends and chatting about our plans led to creating a dream to build something for all those who, just like us, missed great food, and wanted to eat though they had limited spending power,” said Siddharth.

In 2012, the two foodies decided to start Eatsome, a wraps chain in the city, and the reason they called it so was, “Because anytime is a good time to ‘eat some’ food!”
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